Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paintings By Claude Monet, (1840 - 1926) French painter

Paintings By Monet, Claude(1840 - 1926)

Title: Impression Sunrise

Title: Artist's Garden at Giverny

Title: The Church at Vetheuil

Title: Boulevard Des Capucines

Title: San Giorgio Maggiore by Twilight

Title: The Seine at Argenteuil

Title: Snow Effect with Setting Sun

Title: Rue de la Bavolle Honfleur

Title: The Church of Vernon In the Mist

Title: The Hunt

Title: Floating Ice Near Vetheui

Title: The Road to Chailly

Title: The Artist's Garden at Vetheui

Title: Hyde Park London

Title: Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies

Title: The Water Lily Pond Pink Harmony

Title: Water Lilies

Title: The Seine at Bougival

Title: The Steps at Vetheuil

 Title: Sailboat at Le Petit Gennevilliers

Title: The Magpie

Title: Train in the snow

Title: Cliff Walk at Pourville

Title: Woman with a parasol facing right

Title: La Japonaise